Choosing the right fund is easy

Most KiwiSaver providers offer different types of funds you can invest in. The fund that’s right for you depends on things like how long you’re investing for, and how you feel about risk (risk refers to how volatile your fund is).

  • Need your money soon for retirement or buying a house?
    A more conservative KiwiSaver fund is generally best.
  • Don’t need your money for many years?
    A growth fund is usually a better long term option.

What you should do now

  • Find out what fund you’re currently in. Your KiwiSaver annual member statement will show this.
  • Check whether another fund might suit you better. The Sorted Smart Investor tool links to three easy questions to help you work it out.
  • Change your fund (if it’s right for you) by contacting your KiwiSaver provider. Many providers let you do this online.


Most providers let you invest in more than one of their funds. If you’re not sure about changing funds, you can leave your savings in the current fund, but ask for new contributions to go to the new fund. Find out more about what to think about when switching funds.

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