Choosing the right fund is easy

Most KiwiSaver providers offer different types of funds you can invest in. Some examples include: defensive, conservative, balanced, growth, or aggressive funds.

Each fund has a different investment mix – such as bank deposits, bonds, shares and property.

The fund that’s right for you depends on things like how long you are investing for, and how you feel about risk (risk refers to how volatile your fund is).

  • Need your money soon for retirement or buying a house?
    A more conservative KiwiSaver fund is generally best.
  • Don’t need your money for many years?
    A growth fund is usually a better long term option.

Sorted’s KiwiSaver Fund finder tool has three easy questions to help you work it out. You can also talk to your KiwiSaver provider.

If you don’t make a choice, you could end up in the wrong fund

Your money will be invested in a default conservative fund if you don’t choose your own. Conservative funds are low risk but will provide lower returns over time.

If you’re planning to withdraw your money very soon, the default fund may be suitable. If not, it’s unlikely to be a good option for the long term.

You can change your fund at any time

Simply contact your KiwiSaver provider, or go to their website as you can often change your fund online.

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