All KiwiSaver providers charge a fee

The average fee for a balanced fund of $10,000 is $128 a year. If your balance is $50,000 the average fee you’ll be paying is $635 a year.

The fee will you pay varies based on:

  • how big your KiwiSaver balance is – the bigger the balance, the greater the fee
  • the type of investment fund you’re in – generally lower-risk funds are cheaper than higher-risk funds but lower-risk funds give less overall return.
  • your KiwiSaver provider – some providers charge higher fees than others.

Switching to a lower risk fund to save money isn’t always the best option as your money may not grow over time to meet your investment needs. Instead, look for savings by comparing your fund’s fees with those in similar funds offered by other providers.

You should only be paying higher fees if you’re confident your chosen fund will consistently provide higher returns than other similar funds with lower fees.

See how your fees compare

You can compare the fees you pay in your fund with similar funds offered by other providers using our KiwiSaver Tracker tool

Talk to your provider about the fees you’re paying

Your provider can explain why they charge the fees they do. If you don’t think you’re getting good value for money, use Sorted’s KiwiSaver Fund finder to find a fund better suited to your investment needs.

See what others did with their fees, on our YouTube channel

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